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At Brinkmanís located in Findlay Ohio we pride ourselves on a Tradition of Quality. We are not your average grocery store; we take great care in providing our customers with the best quality foods, produce, meats and seasonal foods available. Brinkmanís grocery store has been a proud part of the Findlay community for over two decades, and we look forward to providing you an unparalleled level of service and unmatched food quality.

The Brinkman's Family

   With over 20 varieties homemade pies, cookies and custom decorated cakes our bakery is just one delicious reason to put Brinkman's in Findlay on your list.
    Brinkman's Meat Department prides itself in providing the best cuts of meats in the area. Treat yourself to only the best with an array of U.S.D.A. Chairman Reserve meats. We are more than hot dogs and brauts we carry only the best cuts of meat.
Brinkman's Country Corner, more than a grocery store A Tradition of Excellence in Findlay for over two decades.
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Being a new face here at Brinkman's Jon has quickly come to appreciate the friendly people who shop at the store. This is a very tight knit family here with a very congenial atmosphere. Jon also own his own business, so he truly understands how to give the customer the best possible product
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    Enjoy the selections meat and cheeses we have such as Boar's Head Brand, Guggisberg, Sahlens and so much more, or stop in and have one of our fresh deli sandwiches for lunch today.
and service they deserve.

We have lots of good Halloween party supplies: homemade popcorn balls, fresh pressed apple cider, homemade caramel apples,caramel popcorn, and much more. We have an in-store special this week, our own homemade apple salad made with honeycrisp apples - only $4.49 lb. Melrose apples will arrive sometime on Thursday!

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